How Kids Develop to be an Artist

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All kids draws an abstract, drawing lines in all direction with different colors even if it’s not good it may still be considered as art because kids have their own vision, they’r exploring new things and their weird drawings can tell the process of their mind until they absorb that new thing. Stick drawing, we all know that kids draws a man by sticks and circles to form a human which is the start; soon the child will realize that a human’s body is not a stick, it needs to have a flesh for the body, so instead of a plain stick, the kid draws a stick but this time with flesh as thick as a hotdog, so it looked like a hotdog man instead of stick man, although the hotdog man makes more sense than the stick man. Little by little kids are realizing how to draw with sense even though the drawing is not good but it will develop if he/she continues to draw. These drawings can well be developed to be an artist in the future by starting with something simple, not too complicated, something that can be easily copied by a child, I’m not talking about drawing a triangle/circle or a square, not even a star, but a cartoon character.

There are so many simple cartoon characters for kids below 5 years of age which are designed in their blankets, clothes, pillows, bed sheets, tables etc. these all are surrounded by the child and just by starring at them until he/she started to think about trying to draw it, this is the sparkle point at which the kid may soon develop to be an artist in the future. In my experience when I was age 5 I have a blanket with cartoon animal designs for kids, I was just looking at a smiling snake while laying down until I thought of trying to copy its edged curved lines which I thought that it might be easy to draw it on a paper. With my surprise after drawing it really was alike with the snake character! It blowed my mind after being successful, later on I hunted down all simple character designs on my stuffs and keep on copying and drawing, some of the designs were mickey mouse and goofy and I tried drawing them but it was too hard so I marked it my mind like “impossible to draw”. All of the simple characters available at home were all copied and drawn until I have no more to copy, I stopped drawing for about a year due to lack of characters to draw but while looking back at my bath trobe with mickey mouse and goofy designs, I suddenly thought what if it’s time that I could copy draw that disney character? The “impossible to draw” before is now a success! It made me to find more Disney characters like Alladin, Hercules, Hunchback of Notradam, and all were successfully drawn.

At the age of six I felt like a real artist, many classmates and teachers were requesting drawings from me which made me proud and became an inspiration for me to continue using my talent until well improved. At the age of 8, I got the hobby of reading marvel comics which its characters were very complicated and hard to copy and draw but it inspired me. Age 11, anime characters were introduced to me by a friend, it was my first time to see an anime character, analyzing its curved edges, it’s not that simple as disney characters nor complicated than marvel comic characters, it’s just in the middle between both, again I tried copy drawing it and it was a wow! Today, unlimited anime characters are available in the internet which became my resource of materials for copying.

It took me years to understand the body structure of a human and the material of cloth. Copy drawing 3D objects gave me better understanding of how physical objects are designed and placed in a different perspective. I keep challenging myself to draw from simple to complicated, until I thought of copy drawing a real person’s face, I got my first success and for now I’m still continuing and improving to be better. One of the reasons why I succeeded is because I do it with my whole heart, I consider myself an artist because today I can express my feelings through drawing, I am able to make my own characters, and 3D objects are easy for me to draw. Thanks be to God for the Gift He has given me.


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