The Life Behind the Lens

Blog 4

With the invention of modern technologies it helped many people to make their work easy, fast and with a result of good quality. Smartphones and tablets are the most common gadgets people have today; it helped business people to organize their work, for entertainment purposes and also helps students in learning. The thing about these gadgets is that it is so helpful that we forget about concerning what may be the side effects of it. The first point witnessed about the side effects of using these gadgets is that we use it for too long which makes our eyes decrease in vision; yes, there are eyeglasses or contact lenses available in case our vision gets blurry, but to tell you this, it’s really irritating to wear eyeglasses.

Living in an everyday life with a blurry vision is difficult, it’s like a camera lens stuck looking at a blurry depth of field which your only option is to look at objects closer to your face. There are many disadvantages and it has a long time period to recover. Having a blurry view cannot see clearly which is difficult to remember things, faces, pictures, or even your own house; Forgetting about the path that you thought you haven’t walk through but you just did, just not noticing that you actually forgotten about it. Near-sighted people takes time than normal to remember they’re actions which is one reason why they become dependent wearing eyeglasses and second reason is that they got used to it because it helps to see clearly. If the person’s work involves computer it will surely depend on eyeglasses.

Wearing eyeglasses continuously from morning until night can increase the eye’s blurriness bit by bit until further realization that the lens needs to be replaced with a new grade which involves money. An eyeglass gets scratches and dirt many times which are irritating and needs to be cleaned. Blurry vision is also a disadvantage when it comes to a sport that involves running and passing. Wearing eyeglasses in sports like soccer or basketball is dangerous because no one can tell when the ball would hit the face which may crack the lens and causes damage to the eyes. Wearing contact lenses is possible for sports but when it gets dry it can be folded easily after blinking which becomes itchy, it happens by starring at the field and the ball for too long without blinking which makes the lens dry. That’s why there are special goggles for players who are near-sighted but it’s still better to play with clear vision.

“Can’t live without eyeglasses” those people may say, that’s why many strive hard to find a cure for their eyes to recover, for now the only effective is laser treatment which takes 3 minutes of operation but it’s expensive. There are other medicines that cure near-sightedness but many are not effective, if it were then it will still take a long time until fully recovered.

Although there is something beautiful seeing with a blurry vision when it comes at night on the streets, all the tiny bits of light coming from cars or street lights will look like a thousand colourful circles same as how a camera pictures a depth of field shot. It’s like an amazing place living it a world of colours which makes you smile for just a while.

Coming back to the use of gadgets, parents are not suppose to let their children use tablets or portable gaming devices even if it involves watching children’s videos or children’s games, the child’s eyes will be at risk and it will decrease the child’s view, and the child may also be stubborn if he/she gets used to it. Imagine going back to the world without those gadgets, children have succeeded just by playing with classic cards or learning toys, it’s safer than letting your kids watch on your tablet close to their eyes. Sometimes we may say the days before were better than the days today.


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