Being a Humble Class President

Blog 5

Being a class president is challenging, lot of responsibilities and sacrifices for the betterment of the class. In reality, a servant obeys and follows the orders of the boss; in my opinion, a class president is not the boss but the servant, a humble servant to both teachers and fellow classmates giving them full respect; but this servant has authority and commanding power which in order to gain respect from others is to show them respect as well. Being a good leader is showing a good example that can influence others to follow your lead. In this blog, I would like to share my experiences as class president about the advantages and the risks of being a class president, and from where I got the strength and confidence to carry the heavy weight into lighter weight.

A class president is the representative of its section, the appearance of the president shows the appearance of the class; this part contains big responsibility because if you fail to do your duty you have failed your classmates or if they have failed to follow your orders you have failed as well, a simple duty that cannot be done by a class representative is a shame. Time will come that you will get the feeling of quitting because of the difficulties felt which is actually normal, but a true leader never gives up! The time that you agreed to be voted must be maintained until the very end of your success in fulfilling your duty.

Starting from small can grow in the future; being a leader of a small group such as a class section is a good opportunity to enhance the capabilities of leadership. Not all can be a leader; it depends on how your friends observe the guts and confidence from one of your classmates that have the capabilities to lead. It’s true that some students disregard being voted as president because they know the duties that added to the weight in the middle of learning, but the thing that those students must see when voted is that their classmates can see leadership in you! You have to be proud of knowing that someone trusts you in your decisions. Although it is kind of hard to be a leader, but the strength that made me keep on moving forward is them-my beloved classmates, show love to them and they will love you, show support and they will support you.

As a college student, our priority is to study hard and to put full focus on our learning’s; but for me, I added priority to my classmates to help them succeed while I set myself balanced in studying. Being a leader I let my classmates be the first and me being the last like if everybody are having their lunch then only I can have mine. I don’t know if there are other class presidents who do the same way I act upon my duty being a class president but I hope they do the same too. From what I know this is the way a leader should be doing to their followers, I am glad that I had understood in such an early age that I felt the love to my friends which made me set this standard, in order to be the first is to be the last.

There was a time I felt being lazy in doing my duty in a way of asking myself why is it still a need to have a class president, I then started predicting what would happen without class presidents, I have visioned students as well as teachers will be a mess, confusion, disorder, disarray; in order to avoid this is to have one to sacrifice for the sake of everyone. It may sound weird that doing all these things for one to maintain organized makes me feel happy! In other words, when I’ve been given an instruction whether it may be easy or tough I obey and accepted it whole heartedly. So, the studying, the haggard feelings, the rushing of deadlines and the duties and responsibilities as class president all are feasible as long as it’s done with heart, faith and with God’s help.

It is impossible to do the difficult things without God’s help and that is one thing why I am so thankful to know Him, because of His words I understood the meaning of loving one another and following His orders, if I could follow God’s will then what more can I follow, I could even follow the will of my teachers. It is understood that all people make mistakes which is one of the elements to succeed, understanding your mistakes can help you improve in the future.

Be happy in doing the duties entrusted to you and be proud not with pride because too much pride in yourself will let you fall, trust me this is so true! The technique is being humble, be low as much as possible although you know that you are high when it comes to authority but everybody knows that, there’s no need to boast it off so keep that to yourself and think of others better than yourself. Showing humbleness to your classmates may set as an example that they may spiritually feel what you’re feeling and they may follow not just your orders but also your humbleness. Another technique is the most powerful weapon, praying, even a small prayer with small tone can still be heard by the Almighty and have faith and allow Him to guide you. It is better to practice praying before you do your duty.

The results of your success reflects on your friends; there was a time that I felt so tired from school as I laid on my bed thinking about whether I have done my duty well, then suddenly my classmate messaged me saying “thanks for everything that you have done for us although we have many shortcomings but thank you for understanding and for not giving up on us…” this is one of the results that inspired me to keep on moving forward but the “thanks” is not for me, the thanks is all for the One from where my real strength comes from ; Thanks be to God!


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