Christian Living Activity Month 2015

This activity is all about learning the Bible while giving praises to God through songs, music and dancing in a Christian attitude. CL activity month happens every year in La Verdad Christian College in both Apalit Pampanga and Caloocan City, the latest activity happened last January 29, 2015 with a theme “R.A.C.E (Rough Road Ahead Challenge Your Excuses)” which was a successful event organized by the 2nd year students, everyone experienced hardships and failures during this event but with the help of God everything was a success!

CL activity month was once called “CL month” but living in a Christian living must not only be done once in a month, it must be done every day as long as we still live, so it was amended into “CL activity month” learning the Bible in a different method into more exciting for youths to enjoy and to appreciate how wonderful the Bible really is. There are many categories so that all the students can participate; the activity was held with games of wisdom and values like the “Guess from the Bible”, “Bible Quiz” and “Bible Memorization”. There are other categories which involve the whole students to participate in singing and dancing in the “Christian Dance” and “Chorale Festival”, in here students will develop to work as a team; other categories like “ASOP (A Song Of Praise)” where students get the chance to compose their original songs to sing praises to God.

Along with these categories were also photography and short film making where students interpret words of wisdom into a picture or a video. One of the categories that I had entered is the “MSNP Short Film making (Minsan Sinabi Ng Pantas)”, my fellow classmates where the actors while I was the director and with God’s help we won the Champion prize! My hobby is videography, that’s why I joined this category and since this is a part of Christian Living activity month I gave all my best with God’s help for us to win and be proud.

The event ended with a smile on our faces, exploding with happiness, the best part in this activity which uplifted us all is that everyone is a champion as long as we have done our duty whole heartedly and faithfully aiming to reach the Finish line in the R.A.C.E. I have witnessed how powerful a prayer is, no matter how low or short a prayer it is still a prayer to God and He will hear you if you put your faith in Him.

When we accomplish something successfully we must understand that it wasn’t done on our own, someone was with us all this time watching, helping, guiding, who is no other than the Lord God Almighty! The one who gave us friends to help us do our work, the one who guided us in every time we go to school without experiencing accidents on the road, the one who gave us strength whenever we feel tired; that’s why we must always thank God for everything He has done for all of us which are unexplainable by mouth but understood by heart. The habit of the School and the students of La Verdad are built based and guided by the Bible.

La Verdad Christian College…a truly blessed school!


 Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ: that whether I come and see you, or else be absent, I may hear of your affairs, that ye stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel;”



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