WEB: The Past, Present, and Future

it-solution1The web is where all information comes from and it keeps on improving. generations of the web have been developed from web 1.0 until 3.0, but i consider the web 2.0 as the present because we use it a lot, and the future which is the web 3.0 which is an advance level than 2.0, but what is the difference between 2.0 and 3.0? although web 3.0 sounds better than 2.0 but at which part makes it better?

To start, it is better to know a short background about the web 1.0, it is a one way transfer of information which you can only view the information but cannot comment or interact unlike what we are doing today we somehow always comment, so web 1.0 is considered the past. Web 2.0 sites allow for user interaction and participation by having a user-friendly interface where one can edit and publish the existing information.  The term “architecture of participation” or “Web-oriented architecture” is often used because the viewer has some power and control over the data.  Web 2.0 also utilizes social networking tools to further increase the level of viewer participation.  Examples include podcasting, blogging, tagging, social bookmarking and web content voting.

So, whats cool about 3.0? not only users can transfer data, even modern technologies can interact by their will! as more devices become connected to the Web, such as smartphones, cars, and other household appliances, the Internet will be set free and become omnipresent.  Devices will be able to exchange data between each other and even generate new information (e.g. how anticipates what music the user may enjoy based on their previous song selections).  The Internet will be able to perform tasks faster and more efficiently, such as search engines being able to search for the actual individual users interests, and not just for the keyword typed into search engines.

As a college student Web 3.0 is very useful when it comes to researching because of the speed of search engines which made my work easy

Web 3.0 is the future! and it will keep on improving for the benefit of all to make ways the easier.


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