A World Full of Bits

final blog

Internet technology is one of the most important means of communication, transferring and receiving information through computers and portable devices. It is highly being used almost all companies especially in the world of mass communicators through mass media where people get to know the latest news around the world. In the course of mass communication we’ve learned about Internet Technology in Computer 2, there are a lot of lessons that needs to be absorbed in order to understand the meaning of communication through internet as a part of our course. Knowing the different types of communications in terms of wired and wireless technologies, how data are transferred from one location to another and how it’s been organized, How people get information from mass comm.

As I continued learning about computers it gets deeper and deeper to understand the communication to the world until I came to the point the world is full of codes and numbers just like the bits of computer language because it’s everywhere. I’ve learned that connections of computers have different types of network architecture (Peer-to-peer and Client to server). Not all websites are based in “Internet” in fact there are 3 network communication technologies, one is “Internet” completely accessible by anyone, second is “Extranet” which is partially accessible and “Intranet” which only authorized employees have access. In network there are three types of communication namely Simplex (ex. Simple radio), Half-duplex (ex. Walkie talkie) and Full-duplex (ex. Mobile phones).
Networks can be either wired or wireless. The fastest way to transfer data is wired and there are different types of wired cable which are Coaxial cable used mostly in cable TVs, twisted pair cables for telephone line and fiber optics which transfers data in a speed of light. These technologies have some factors to consider; Bandwidth, Radiation, Noise Absorption and attenuation.

In wireless connections there are three types of transmissions namely Infrared Transmission that uses in remote controls for televisions; Radio wave Transmission like the AM and FM radio; and lastly Microwave Transmission being used in RADAR and satellite. There are wireless connections also for internet for computers such as Hub, switch and router. With wireless capabilities includes network protocols in small gadgets like cellphones and tablets which can send data wirelessly like Bluetooth and can browse the internet using WiFi.

Computer 2 also involves the experience of creating a webpage using templates and modifying it’s script into our desired designs. It was confusing at first because of many terms to know for us to re-edit the template, although our Professor gave a recommended software “Dreamweaver” if possible for us to use because not all of us has a computer. It became much easier and I’ve understood more about the codes terms for modifying the template after using this software. Complications has reduced and made me excited to work on my group’s final project this last semester.

I’ve learned a lot in Computer 2 and hoping to gain more knowledge about computers in the coming up levels until I graduated God willing.


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