About Me

I was born on September 22, 1992 in Abu Dhabi U.A.E. I grew up living in the Arab world for 20 years but I am not an Arab citizen, I am pure blood Filipino and I’m proud to be one! I have 2 sisters and I’m the youngest, although I’m taller than them which made me look like their eldest. I am kind, gentle, helpful, serious and sometimes funny, my looks are given because I have a beautiful mother and a handsome father. For now, my sisters and I are living in the Philippines in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija while my parents are in abroad. I graduated high school up until 9th Year and took ALS (Alternative Learning System); At present I am a college student in LVCC (La Verdad Christian College-Caloocan), AB Broadcasting is my course which was a dream before and now a reality.

My hobbies are sketch drawing, watching movies (a lot), reading comics, capturing video clips and sometimes video editing. These hobbies made me realize what I wanted to be in the future, a videographer and a director. My blue laptop is where I usually spend my vacant time working on video editing which is one reason why I wear eyeglasses. I also enjoy photography, singing and Christian dancing. I like being well organized as much as possible to make my work easier for me to study. I love solving puzzle games which enhances my skills in analyzing things, but it still isn’t effective for me when it comes to solving math problems!

My aim is to be a part of UNTV in whatever position I may be suitable in order to support, to improve and help Bro Eli Soriano to propagate the words of God.


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