English Communication Skills: Production Training

Blog 2

Being a mass communication student, the ways of formal speaking to people must be practiced starting from 1st year. The confidence and the volume of the voice must be as much as possible be well developed before proceeding to the 2nd year which I’m expecting there will be a lot of productions and speaking communications. Public speaking, delivering messages, asking questions and answering, these all can be practiced with a simple production; we have the confidence to speak which is just inside our box, as a mass comm student we need to break-free that confidence, enhance our speaking skills to be exposed as a host or a public speaker.

In my school, activity productions are usually organized from 2nd year and above, but according to our professor in English communication Skills says that it is better to practice simple productions starting from the 1st year to at-least have an idea and experience handling basic productions before proceeding to the 2nd year and to avoid past problems encountered. To begin, we started with 4 classmates in our section as a group chosen by our professor; it involves a curator, secretary, technical, and a cameraman. Our 1st duty was to set the class’ mood and atmosphere into an exciting feeling like a TV program studio and to give a welcome introduction to our lecturer (our professor) to teach and to begin the lesson about English communication chapters, it’s a seminar type but more advance method and English is the language used during this session. As I’ve experienced during this training while learning our chapters, it is exciting and fun! A different type of teaching with hands on technical, the subject became very interesting and everyone was excited to listen to the next session. It was easy at first, but later on “up skill 2” was introduced by our professor, which means an upgrade.

This “up skill” strategy was long planned and analyzed by our prof during our vacation; it was introduced after our professor had witnessed that we have the capability to do more than just simple production. At 1st the professor was the lecturer of the class, but not anymore with up skill 2, the class curator will be the lecturer! He/she will be the one to plan they’re presentation and how they’re going to teach the class in English language; this is another good opportunity to practice speaking publicly in a formal way. Challenging at first but somehow it was effective for the curator’s team for enhancing skills.

Everything was going to plan, but not all had succeeded, but it was already expected since it’s the 1st time. Consultations with the prof were also conducted to ask questions and to clear doubts about the production. Since everything was settled our professor again introduced his next up skill (up skill 3)! Since the students were given an example by the curator’s team on how to do basic productions, it’s about time that the students will be divided into groups and they themselves will be the ones to organize their own session! The prof observes and gives our grades.

This process continues and many challenges were faced, problems encountered, experienced failures and success, but we all know that failing is a lesson and can help us improve to be better, that’s why this method of learning is being practiced starting 1st year to be prepared in the coming years in college.